Twitter @ Desktop

Allows Twitter to be accessed from the desktop of a PC


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  • Category Instant Messaging
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.1.8
  • Size 852 KB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in Spanish
  • Program by Olcinium

Twitter at Desktop, also known as Twitter @ Desktop, is a handy app that lets you view tweets without logging into the Twitter website first.

Though some had their doubts when Twitter first launched, it quickly became one of the most popular social media sites around. Users can share photos and videos with others, and they can also post short updates of 140 characters or less. You can follow your favorite retail shops to learn about upcoming sales and follow popular websites to get access to exclusive coupon codes. Lots of celebrities use Twitter to interact with some of their fans.

As much as you might love that site, you probably hate that you have to log in multiple times a day to keep up with the accounts you follow. Missing out on a single tweet can leave you confused about jokes spreading across the web and make you miss out on big sales on your favorite sites. Twitter at Desktop now lets you keep an eye on those tweets while visiting other sites or working with programs on your desktop.

Once you download the app, you log in with your password and use name. After verifying that the information is correct, the app will load your most recent tweets and show you the accounts that you follow. Twitter at Desktop then shows you the latest tweets from those accounts and lets you read those posts from your desktop. It doesn't keep track of those posts, though. If you want updated tweets, you'll need to refresh the app every few minutes, or more often.

Another issue is that each time you close the app, it will reset itself. While you can remain logged in on the Twitter app on your phone, you must log back in each time you open this app. Despite being such a small program, its installation is pretty long. There are also some complaints from users about the toolbar that comes with the program, which will automatically download and install itself on your computer. If you don't want that toolbar, you must manually delete it. Though it lacks some of the features of the official Twitter phone app and the full website, Twitter at Desktop is a useful app for those who want to view tweets without visiting that site or reaching for their phones.


  • Lets you view tweets from accounts you follow on your desktop
  • Can easily log in and view recent tweets from others and your own
  • Gives you access to some features of the full site
  • Automatic logout feature is perfect for those who crave privacy


  • Comes with a toolbar that automatically installs on your computer
  • Provides limited information about accounts
  • Requires that you refresh the app to load new tweets
  • Automatically signs you out when you close the app
  • Doesn't include all the features of the Twitter site
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